Wireless Monitoring Without The Hassle

Point in Time Reporting

With Who’s On My Wifi Online, you can see easily Point in Time when devices joined and left your network.  This extra visibility helps you keep track of all wireless sessions throughout a year, or drill down to the individual device to see when it was on or off your network.  Analytics to help keep your WiFi safe, secure, and running smoothly.

Easily Detect Devices

Who’s On My WiFi solutions are built to be as easy as possible to detect devices on your organization’s network.  We focus on building unique solutions that are comprehensive enough to work on large networks, but simple enough to work on smaller networks with little support. And we work hard everyday to make them easier to use over time.

Works with Existing Infrastructure

Who’s On My WiFi detection agents are meant to work with your current network infrastructure.  By downloading a Free agent or adding a hardware tablet, you can detect point in time which devices are on your network without the need to replace your routers.  And if you happen to be in a router upgrade cycle, we have an integrated router solution as well.

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