Beta Versions

Windows Beta Versions

Beta Versions of our Windows software are versions of the software that are still in the testing stage. It is recommended that you not install the Beta Version unless you are used to testing software.

Download Windows Beta Version (not recommended)

Version 4.0.2 (Expected Release Date – May 18th, 2017)

SHA1 Hash: 56C1386FA81D7715AE8F17CA745EF483D3FCCC60
Version 4.0.2 has an expected release date of May 18th, 2017 for new users.  It will be released as an update to current users afterwards.

Version 4.0.2 is considered an enhancement update

Version 4.0.2 also has enhanced usability in the following ways.
-The Logo shown in 4.0.2 is our new Logo. The Who’s On My WiFi Owl is now displayed throughout the Windows agent.
-Online Analytics subscription agent disconnects are now handled more intelligently. Network Events like routers or access points that are overloaded are now handled in a more correct manner.
-Unreachable Network Gateways due to router restarts are now ignored until the next scan time instead of stopping the program.
-A shared privacy key for anonymized statistical reporting is now available to improve accuracy