Blocking unknown devices on the network has been removed from all Who’s On My WiFi agents, and support for any type of blocking from within our agents has ended.

Our focus has always been and continues to be Wireless Monitoring.

After using our monitoring tools, if you discover devices that should not be on your network, it is best to take the Mac Address of the unknown device, and add this to the Wireless Mac Filter of your current wireless router.

Alternatively, you can change the Wireless Encryption Key (also sometimes called a WiFi password), of both your wireless router, and all devices that connect to your wireless network.

Finally, if you are still detecting unknown devices after changing your WiFi password, these devices are likely connected over ethernet (wired), or you might consider replacing your wireless router with one that is more secure.

Who’s On My WiFi offered 2 forms of blocking through it’s agents in the past, but support for these has ended and the features have been removed from all detection agents.

#1. Router Based Blocking – Blocking that was done at the router using IP Tables to disable network access for certain devices.  Who’s On My Wifi offered this through our Simple Secure Router based on OpenWRT firmware.  Support for this feature was removed in January 2017.

#2. Software Based Blocking – Blocking that was done using low level packet injection through the Windows agent to pause or disrupt a device’s network connectivity.  Support for this feature was removed in October 2015.