How It Works

Download A Detection Agent

Download a Free Who’s On My WiFi Windows, Mac, or Android Detection Agent to your computer.  This will run on your network to locally inventory and detect devices.  Our simple device tagging system makes it easy to know which devices should be on the network.  You can also purchase pre-configured Who’s On My WiFi Android Tablets and Wireless Routers that have an integrated detection agent included.

Connect the Agent to the Cloud

Once you have a basic inventory of your network, connect the Windows, Mac, or Android agent to your Who’s On My WiFi Online.  This ensures that devices and wireless usage are tracked over time.

Experience Wireless Monitoring Zen

You can now easily see what’s happening on your network from anywhere.  With simple Text and E-mail notifications, you can be alerted to unknown devices.  With Point in Time historical reporting, you can see wireless usage patterns over time.  Finally, with Industry Specific reporting packages in our online business edition, you can report to any agencies about your wireless usage with ease.

Who’s On My WiFi is the easiest way to monitor smaller networks

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