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How secure is your Network?

Are you sure your wireless network is secure?

You might have a password set up for it, or you might have even used your router’s encryption, but that might not be enough to keep hackers out. Illegal programs can allow hackers to break into your network, bypassing your password or breaking the encryption.

Do you really know who is on your wifi? Are you willing to risk not knowing?

What can a hacker do once they’re in?

It could be as benign as someone breaking in to avoid paying for data usage, which can slow down your own connection speed. But don’t be fooled into thinking everyone is just going to hack you to browse the web. Once they’re in your network they can infect your computers with viruses and malware to steal your personal information and use your computers for their own ends. And in this day of careful monitoring of web activity by governmental agencies someone might be breaking to disguise their activities online, engaging in criminal activity on your network that you could be held liable for.

So how can you better protect your network?

Who Is On My Wifi will tell you exactly which computers are on your network. If it finds a computer on your network, that it doesn’t recognize, Who’s on my Wifi will notify you as soon as they connect, and with customizable settings and email alerts you’ll know when you need to take to action. And with Who is on my Wifi not only will you catch hackers you will be able to block them from your network once they’re on it.

A proactive solution

Other methods of detecting intruders are useful after the fact. After you have viruses or someone is illegally using your internet, then most people turn to these other methods to find out what went wrong. Maybe you check some logs, or some information on the router to see who’s there.

Who’s On My Wifi is different because it is actively looking for intruders so you know about the intrusion as soon as it happens, instead of after something worse has happened.