Who Is On My Wireless Network

“Snagged 3 neighbors sucking my bandwidth”

In the past, it used to be easy to protect computer networks from outsiders. If they weren’t close enough to run a cable from their desktop computer to your building, then they weren’t connected!

But now things are different.

With the rise of Wireless networks, someone could be outside of your business, and still be connected to the network that you own. You could never meet a person, and yet they’re on your private property.

This applies to business large and small as well. The convenience and ease of use of wireless networks have made them a mainstay for small businesses, but this convenience has also added a concern:

I hate that nagging feeling when you think you’ve protected your network, but you worry “could someone still have gotten in?”

What if I didn’t lock it down enough, or someone set it up wrong, or they broke the encryption…

It’s not like I can see them…

Do these worries sound familiar?

Well luckily, thanks to new technology, there is a simple, easy way to know if someone has ever connected to your business network.

It doesn’t matter if the device was a laptop, a Kindle, a desktop, a coffee maker, or anything in between. If it has connected to the internet through your network, WIRED or WIRELESS, this new technology will find it.

This new technology is called “Who’s On My Wifi”.

I know what you’re thinking, silly name right. But it was named this because¬† It does 1 thing and does it well.

It is the easiest way to see if anything you don’t know is currently connected to your network or if anything you don’t know has connected to your network in the past.

Lets take a look at this technology and see how it works.

Each computer has a fingerprint that other machines understand when they connect to a network. Who’s On My Wifi looks at those fingerprints and compares them to a database of fingerprints that you’ve already told it are allowed on your network.

You can think of it like giving each computer on your network a badge to wear.

After all the badges have been created, Who’s On My Wifi is ready for action. It simply checks the badges of each computer every time they connect to the network.

If any computer doesn’t have a badge assigned to it, you’ll know!

Who’s On My Wifi will send you, the owner, an email message letting you know that something not quite right is going on. It can also give you a voice message or message box to alert you further.

This detection intelligence is great for many different situations.

People are using Who’s On My Wifi to monitor everything from vacation homes to remote offices.

In summary, you don’t have to be afraid that someone is secretly on your network anymore.

All you have to do is download Who’s On My Wifi, connect it to the cloud service, and stop being afraid.

Download, Sign Up, and More Information Links for Who’s On My Wifi are provided below.