Screen Shots

Screen Shots

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Scan History Report

Online Edition – Scan History Report gives a point in time report of which devices are on your network now and which devices have been on your network over time.

Online Device Management

Online Edition – The Online edition is watching over your computer network, even when you can’t be. The online device page gives you full control over your network devices from anywhere in the world.

Main Page

Desktop Edition – The Main Page gives a status overview of how your network is performing. This includes number of computers found as well as unknown computers that have been detected. This screen also shows how to connect to Who’s On My Wifi Online.

Scan Page

Desktop Edition – The Scan Page gives a detailed break down of the most recent scans that have been performed on the network. This will show all computers found in the most recent scan, as well as which of those, if any, are unknown to the Who Is On My Wifi digital signature database.