All In One Solution

The Router + Online solution is for people that want an always on, simple monitoring solution and are ready to replace their current router. The router has eliminated the hassle of running a desktop computer or syslog server on your network to track wireless users. Because it’s always on, if the wireless is up, and the internet is connected, you know that your wireless is monitoring the devices and alerting you if needed. Simple Wireless Monitoring.

Native Online Integration

The Router Plugin natively connects to Who’s On My WiFi Online adding all the logging, reporting, and alert notifications available through it. And because it’s a cloud service, you can detect unknown devices from anywhere that you can use your laptop or smart phone.

Now Available for US Business Customers

Pre-Configured Wireless Router

As a convenience to US Business Subscribers, we will install Who’s On My WiFi Router Plugins on an OpenWRT router, set all of the appropriate settings for background scanning, connect it to your online subscription, and then send it to you.

The Pre-Configured Wireless Router runs our OpenWRT Plugin and can be easily setup to provide your wireless network.  Once the router is setup, you’ll have an always on monitoring solution, that logs all devices to the cloud, alerts you to any unknown devices, and gives you point in time reporting for better accuracy and decision making.