OpenWRT Router Plugin

Who Is On My Wifi - OpenWRT Screenshot

Run Who’s On My Wifi directly on the router as an OpenWRT plugin.

  • Detect Unknown Devices Detect unknown devices on your network.
  • Cloud Integration Connect to Who’s On My Wifi Online for remote management, text alerts, and historical reporting.

Who’s On My Wifi now runs on OpenWRT

Who’s On My Wifi, a well known system for detecting unknown devices and historical logging is now able to run directly on the router. Through an OpenWRT plugin it is now possible to cloud manage devices on your network, receive text message alerts if an unknown device has connected.

Running Who’s On My Wifi on an OpenWRT Router gives it several advantages due to it’s always on nature and scanning of multiple networks and VLANs.

If you are already running an OpenWRT Router and would like to run Who’s On My Wifi, simply signup for our Who’s On My Wifi Online service and follow the Setup Wizard for OpenWRT once you login.

Watch OpenWRT Setup Video