Who’s On My Wifi for Windows

  • Easily Detect all devices on your network
  • Runs in the background constantly looking for unknown devices
  • Takes point in time network snapshots
  • Connect to Who’s On My Wifi Online for Reporting and Notifications

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(Version 4.0.1)

Know what’s happening on your WiFi

  • Who’s On My Wifi Free Windows Software helps you stay on top of your WiFi by adding a level of visibility not commonly available.
  • Most routers can show you who is currently on your network, but very few can let you know if an unknown device shows up, or that your peak usage time 2 months ago was on a Saturday night.

We care about your security

  • Who Is On My Wifi Windows is Spyware and Adware Free.
  • We open source our router software because we think it makes a safer product.
  • We make money by selling the advanced features and technical support of our Who’s On My Wifi Online Service to businesses.

System Requirements

  • Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2008
  • Uses .NET Framework 3.5 (will install if not available)
  • List of historical changes – Version History

Security – SHA1 Hashes:

(4.0.1) 6615AAE69F62579D0558A3D840476863591BA993

(4.0.0) 9DAF0D8DE4907752238DD8DA264C7DBB6D0E1208

(3.0.4) 8D3B939423ED15CA5708A59FF19570CB11EC3AF0

(3.0.3) D0E5F57ECB92CFF4ED23314D8E61F7F6BAB23C0F

(3.0.2) AD7D632761562C316DFAB636E5A93E2F72E342B0

(3.0.1) 4872E914AF6762EE77A3CF7AB213B864FB65F15E

(3.0.0) 6FEF908704BDB79BA9C948D0C9428641E8DF9C3F

(2.2.0) C46CC28845D9BE13D5590BDE99A3A54A1169AC0A

(2.1.9) FF218D1F955C1D17820FDD211688890B54C72F59

(2.1.7) E1C7362411A4DF215DD2632426C28A840D1C828B

(2.1.6) 3250FFCB056DD4504C3EA50ACEAAF0F6F17B160D

Windows Agent 4.0