Thinking of tracking the activity within your organization’s Wi-Fi network? Good idea.

Increase sales through insight

Want to gain an understanding of your customers’ wireless activity at your establishment? Analytics and reports from our product will help you measure customer traffic, dwell time and repeat visits over time. Use this information to deliver better customer service and promote products or services.

Decrease costs through wireless analytics

Our detailed access reports allow you to analyze wireless information to meet organizational challenges, such as staffing, speed, and flexibility. Imagine knowing that wireless access peaks at specific times each day and wanes during others. You can adjust your labor costs and see savings at your bottom line.

Build trust through wireless privacy

People expect Wi-Fi in educational and public settings. But they also expect a high degree of privacy. With our product, you can track wireless sessions and gain an understanding of usage while protecting individual Mac addresses and other private information.

Demonstrate a wise investment

For public organizations or government entities, it’s important to demonstrate a positive return on the use of tax dollars and public monies. Using a continuous wireless monitoring tool, your organization can support the investment and showcase the impact of Wi-Fi accessibility for all patrons.

Introducing Continuous Wireless Tracking for Organizations

You wouldn’t accept financial data that was “good enough.” So, why settle for pieced-together solutions to track the activity and data surrounding your wireless networks?

The world operates in the cloud, and your wireless network is the way people access information. Leverage that activity for the growth and efficiency of your organization. Unlike other products on the market, Who’s On My WiFi solutions do not require you to replace all access points on your network or run intrusive port scans or listeners. Using our patent-pending technology, you’ll gain access to new data points that will help track your network usage.

For most networks, you can install and run our service with very basic tech knowledge. We have worked tirelessly to build this patent-pending technology. You’ll love the user experience – simple, clean, and intuitive.


Continuously track sessions

Using our patent-pending technology, you can easily see the point in time that specific devices were on your network. Use our product as a session count provider throughout the year or drill down to the connect and disconnect behavior of an individual device. Unlike other companies, our product provides continuous monitoring rather than snapshots of the information.

Build on existing infrastructure

Who’s On My WiFi solutions use detection agents designed to work with your current network infrastructure, so setup is simple and easy. No replacing your router! You’ll simply download an agent or add a hardware tablet. If your organization happens to be at the end of a router upgrade cycle, we offer integrated router solutions as well.