WiFi Analytics

What is WiFi Analytics?

There is a treasure trove of information available on organizations existing wireless networks.  Customer usage patterns, ideal times to schedule maintenance, and seasonal trends are just the beginning of what can be learned by utilizing information already available on the WiFi network of a physical space.

Getting this information out of the IT equipment and into the hands of decision makers is changing how quickly improvements can be made in physical locations.

This is a new and evolving space, but here is a quick overview.

First off, WiFi Analytics is a subset of Location Analytics.

Location Analytics is the more general term given when monitoring visitor usage patterns through some kind of monitoring device and analytics system.

Who is using WiFi Analytics?

Several different industries and both the public and private sector are utilizing this new technology.

Any group that owns a physical location where members, customers, or visitors expect to go to the space and have a certain experience are looking into this technology.

Why are people using it?

The more information that a location owner has about their space, the better they can make that space, and the more likely a visitor is to return.

Even seemingly minor changes can make a big difference to user experience.

Is our most recent outreach or marketing campaign bringing in primarily new visitors who have never been here, or is it bringing in existing customers, but for longer periods?

These questions and more are the types of questions people are staring to answer through Wireless Analytics.

How does WiFi Analytics work?

WiFi Analytics is mainly offered through 2 methods

  • Monitoring Devices that connect to the Guest WiFi
  • Monitoring Devices that come near a WiFi Access Point

There are different reasons to monitor one or the other or both.  But for this overview, just remember that either one can be measured.

What are the Benefits?

There are several benefits that this new technology is bringing to the physical world.  Including but not limited to:

  • Tracking Visitor Counts and Dwell Time
  • Tracking New vs. Return Visitors
  • Tracking Repeat Visitors

If you’re looking for a way to get new or better information about your physical space, you might want to look into WiFi Analytics.

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New vs Return Visitors Example