WiFi Analytics

What is WiFi Analytics?

There is a treasure trove of information available on organizations existing wireless networks.  Customer usage patterns, ideal times to schedule maintenance, and seasonal trends are just the beginning of what can be learned by utilizing information already available on the WiFi network.  Getting this information out of the hands of IT and into the hands of decision makers is changing how quickly improvements can be made in physical locations.

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  • Adds Business Intelligence to your Wireless Network
  • Adds Real time information to your physical locations
  • Better Insight for Better Decisions


  • Track User Dwell Time
  • Track New vs. Return Visitors
  • Track Repeat Visitors

System Requirements

  • Requires a Who’s On My WiFi software detection agent running on your network, or a Who’s On My WiFi router plugin.
  • Requires an https connection to the analytics server
  • Requires modern web browser.